1. In the present Agreement the following terms have the meaning indicated below, unless otherwise is stipulated:

    1 Agreement means the present User Agreement.

    2 Account means functional part of the System that controls User’s Funds and operations conducted with them.

    3 Anti-Money Laundering Policy means program on prevention of laundering of money derived from criminal activity and financing of terrorism.

    4 Chat means the System's function intended for instant messaging between the Users.

    5 Deposit means a transaction involving a transfer of Funds to the Account.

    6 Exchange Rate means relation between the amount of Funds and the price offered by the User for Deals of exchanging Funds.

    7 Fees mean rewards payed to INVESTCHANGER by the parties of deals and the prices for additional services rendered by INVESTCHANGER.

    8 Fiat money means government-issued currency that is designated as legal tender in its country of issuance on the legislative level.

    9 Funds mean Fiat money and Crypto currency used during the execution of Deals.

    10 Margin Deal means deal executed with the use of the Funds provided by to the Client in returned and refundable use.

    11 Margin Level means the amount of Funds in the User Account necessary for execution of a Margin Deal expressed in a percentage ratio to the amount of Funds provided to the User.

    12 Order means User's offer to close a Deal on certain conditions.

    13 Parties mean INVESTCHANGER and the User.

    14 Personal Cabinet means set of protected pages created as a result of the User registration in the System, using which the User can to place Orders for further execution of Deals as well as instruct the INVESTCHANGER commissions stipulated by the present Agreement.

    15 The Personal Cabinet reflects information about placed and cancelled Orders, closed Deals, available funds and/or Crypto currency and other information determined by the functions of the Site

    16 User Account Data means User Data necessary to access and use the System – login, password, email and other data indicated during the registration process as well as after it.

    17 Withdrawal means a transaction involving a transfer of Funds from the User’s Account.

  2. 1. Under the Agreement INVESTCHANGER renders to the User the following services:
    * grants access to the System in order to carry out Deals;
    * grants access to the Account within the System;
    * gives the possibility to carry out Margin deals;
    * Provides information necessary for the use of the System and carrying out Deals.

    2. Depending on the User’s place of residence, the User may not be able to use all the functions of the Site. It is the User’s responsibility to follow those rules and laws in his/her place of residence and/or place from which the User accesses this Site.

    3.The User acknowledges and agrees that, when completing Trading Transactions, he/she is trading with other User, and that INVESTCHANGER is not counterparty to any trade.

    4.Essential parts of the present Agreement are sections dedicated to Privacy policy, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, and the Fees.

  3. 1. INVESTCHANGER grants the User access to the information about the System, Currency Rates offered by other Users, closed Deals and about placed Orders before the registration process is completed.

    2. In order to get access to the System, the User should complete the registration process. After that the User will get access to the Personal Cabinet created on the basis of the User Account Data.

    3. The User is responsible for setting up a password during the registration process. The User can change the password any time after the registration process is completed. The User commits to safeguard password and User Account Data from the access of third parties and is the one to determine the best way to save this data and take steps to prevent it from being discredited. In case of loss or discrediting the password and/or the User Account Data as well as in cases when third parties illegally obtain access to the User’s Personal Cabinet, the User has to inform the INVESTCHANGER about these circumstances by contacting the technical support team ([email protected] ). Until INVESTCHANGER receives the corresponding message, all the actions made from the User Personal Cabinet will be considered as made by the proper User as the holder of the Account.

    4. The User has the right to hold and use only one Personal Cabinet and cannot use two or more Personal Cabinets. Such actions will be considered as violation of this Agreement.

  4. 1. After registration in the System the User gets access to his/her Account in the Personal Cabinet. The User can operate personally using his/her Account and the Personal Cabinet as well as instruct the System to execute operations with their Account automatically.

    2. The INVESTCHANGER indicates in the Personal Cabinet the information necessary for the replenishment of the Account and for the withdrawal of Funds from the Account.

    3. All payments are processed automatically to your wallet account. Sometimes, they may take a bit longer time to get processed because of server issues etc. and hence please allow up to 1 hour it takes longer time, please kindly contact the Support for further assistance.

    4. All refund requests are carefully reviewed if they are made in a timely manner and in accordance with this agreement and the rules. INVESTCHANGER.COM reserves the right to reject any refund request not supported with evidence, based on a decision of the technical department, and in accordance with this agreement.

  5. We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and rates of the program at any time and at our sole discretion without notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the members' interests as a whole. You agree that it is your sole responsibility to review the current terms.